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OM-Bordeaux, a decisive game?

OM-Bordeaux or the third placed team against the second. This match, could it be decisive for both the title and third place in the League now occupied by OM? It' the question of the week.

Each week, one question more than any other keeps cropping up in the interviews with the players and in supporters discussion. The site brings you a mix of their responses and a selection of the messages posted on the forum of the official site.

This week : Is the match between OM-Bordeaux the game that will decide whop finishes in third place?

Benoît Cheyrou  : One thing is sure, it’s THE game of the weekend. Next week there will be the game between Lyon and Nancy. We’re not focusing on that. We’re not focusing on Bordeaux or Lyon, but on ourselves and our objective of qualifying for the Champions League. We need three points, I hope it will be a good game with a great atmosphere at the Stade Vélodrome.

Kanga Akalé  :It’s pretty much the last big game of the season. Bordeaux are coming to our place playing for the title, us, we’re playing for third place. I think it will be an interesting game, we know we can’t make any mistakes.  We used up our last joker against Lille. Now, we have to win all our games at home and try a get a positive result on the road. I think they are a difficult team to beat but a win is obligatory for us.

Steve Mandanda  : It’s an important game, we know we have three games to conserve out third place. It’s going to be a big game. I think that the next two games against Bordeaux and Le Mans, are the most important. Depending on the results, the game against Strasbourg could be decisive as well.

Eric Gerets : I’m not interested by the title. Finding out who will be champion does not interest me. What is important for us, if we want to keep hold of third place, is winning against Bordeaux. There is no other solution. We have to win at home and hope that Nancy lose points this week-end or the next. If we win our next three games, we will finish in 3rd place. That is very clear to us.

José Anigo  : I don’t know if this game will be decisive, but this one and the one against Le Mans will be decisive. I think that if we beat Bordeaux and we manage to take at least a point from the game against Le Mans, I think that we could end up playing against Strasbourg for nothing. We hope so anyway.

The answer is easy : no. Obviously the winner of the game OM-Bordeaux wil take a big step towards third place or the title especially if Nancy and Lyon lose. But, the advantage will not be decisive. Mathematically any thing is possible right up to the end, at the top and the bottom.

On one side yes as it’s certainly our biggest game of the last three and as it will be difficult to win so Nancy can profit from it. But on the other hand no, as the final standings will be decided by the last three games. There is pressure on us for this game but also on our opponents. So, finally, it’s a League game like any other : difficult - decisive – never over before it’s over.

I think that each of the last three games will be important. What worries me is that if Bordeaux lose to Marseille and Lyon beat Nice, I’m scared that Lyon will take it easy against Nancy next week. We’d have to go and get a result away to Le Mans. We need three wins, I’m asking a lot but at least we’d be sure!
No, the match against Bordeaux will not be the most important as even if we lose, I can’t see Nancy beating Lyon. The most important match is the one against Le Mans.

No as I think Lyon will lose to Nice and that we will beat Bordeaux. So I don’t think there will be any changes in the top 3. On the other hand, a draw or a defeat for Nancy against Strasbourg would just about guarantee us a 3rd place which would qualify us for the Champions League.
So this game is not decisive for the title but could be a good shot in the arm for third place

The turning point of the end of the season will be the game between OL and Nancy, not the game against Bordeaux as if OM win we will have to win the other games but if Nancy lose a game as they could against Lyon ,third place would be for OM.

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