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The GFC Constructions (Bouygues group) project was retained by the mayor for the new Vélodrome. The official announcement was made on Monday.

With the World Cup in full swing, for better or for worse, a hot topic concerning OM, Marseille and France appeared on Monday. In the Espace Bargemon, near to the town hall, mid afternoon on Monday, the Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, in the company of the state partners of the project (State, General Council, Regional Council and Marseille Provence Métropole), unveiled the new Vélodrome. The project retained was that of GFC Constructions (Groupe Bouygues). It is sublime.

"We are going to offer the people of Marseille the Vélodrome of the next 50 years" stated the Mayor who also spoke of the quality of the other project proposed by Vinci. After numerous stages, work will commence in June 2011 and should finish at the end of June 2014, a period during which 42.000 places will be maintained, the works will cost a total of 273 million Euros (three times that of the renovation undertaken during the 90’s).

"The Vélodrome of the next 50 years"

The new Vélodrome will respond to the what was stated by Jean-Claude Gaudin, “renovate, cover and expand”: 67.000 seats, a better comfort, a wave shaped roof which will change colour depending on events and which will cover the entire stadium, a forecourt which will raise the stadium and make it more functional, a top of the range VIP area, it is a veritable urban project which will change the face of the neighbourhood (shopping centre, hotel, living space, office space, a sports clinic, the Delort stadium will be expanded and dedicated to rugby), standards will be valid for 35 years and take into proper account environmental concerns (positive energy equipment, no water consumption, use of wind energy and shoreline redevelopment of the Huveaune).
All of this will reply to the five-star standards required to host the UEFA Euro 2016. "We’re well on our way and we will succeed” stated the Mayor, delighted with this "beautiful day" and has confirmed that the name Vélodrome will remain even if the possibility of naming remains open. A project in the form of a public (see above) and private sector partnership will be signed in October which includes OM and which, more than anything, will really make us salivate.

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