OM 2-1 PSG
1-0: Heinze (16')
1-1: Chantôme (27')
2-1: A. Ayew (35')

The Marseille public has enjoyed one of those nights where you leave the stadium completely hoarse, smiling, and with the guarantee of keeping it for a long time. Defeating Paris through desire, in a six point match in view of the rest of the season, will remain as a highlight of a season which has so far been a little lacking in excitement. But by winning, the chances of having others are much larger.
For the Parisian supporters, some of whom could not help laughing about the Mancunian victory this week on the net, the morning after will be much harder on Monday.
OM did not, as such, take "revenge" on their rivals after their European elimination, but turned the page, building a success like the one against Rennes, all the while relegating to six points their rivals of the evening, and most likely knocking them out of the title race (10 pts).
The adrenaline was discharged as of the quarter-hour mark, when Heinze left Coupet's arms dangling after having fired a free-kick past him (1-0). An Argentinean full of desire and who took pleasure in celebrating with his compatriot Lucho, on the substitute bench after the assault he suffered occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday.
This goal had the great merit of opening up a match which had up until then been very tight, only animated by the Olympian commitment and the efforts of Paris to sow confusion in the centre of defence with long balls played through the air.
Evidence of this " liberation" of the Clasico, the 64th in name, the slalom as stunning as surprising from Mbia who broke through the PSG lines (17’), then the fuse lit by the right foot of Gignac, just over the goal ( 21’), and the diving header from Remy (22’). Certainly, the permutations of the Marseille attacking quartet had thrown the Parisian organization into disorder.

OM as a block

The only danger from Paris, the elusive (and sometimes infuriating, even for his partners) Nene, for whom Diawara reserved a strong but correct tackle to mark his territory. A bit shaken, the Brazilian was still at the origin of his side’s equalizer, finding a post which kindly sent the ball towards Chantôme (1-1, 27’), before "messing up" a huge opportunity, following a lost ball from Diawara who looked physically diminished after the action of the equalizer.
Fortunately for OM, the former Bordeaux player clenched his teeth and carried on. And the central defence, galvanized by the force of Heinze, continued to leave Hoarau, Giuly and co very little to feed on.
Moreover, the Olympians were able of getting back in front following a header from Ayew, at the reception of a well played cross from Gignac (2-1, 35’).
"For a player who came through the ranks at OM it was a dream to score against PSG," he confessed on leaving the stadium.
But for the dream to remain beautiful, they could not let anything go. By forming a block and ferociously closing down their opponents, by controlling the game a little less certainly, but by racking up counter attacks in the second-half and opportunities to make the break. Unfortunately, neither Gignac, nor Lucho and Remy could find a way past Coupet, author of a single save from Ayew.
This lack of realism has already been costly in the past, and no later than last Tuesday at Old Trafford. But Paris are not Manchester, and this time Marseille did not let the door ajar despite being unable to build on their lead, without bothering about the manner, by experiencing some difficulty in properly clearing the ball and holding on to it up front. But without compromising the outcome of a game where three points install the Phoenicians in 2nd place just behind Lille (4 points) but where victory is worth infinitely more ...

Laurent Oreggia

As Cana before him, Heinze is currently carving out a reputation as a specialist of the Clasico, with this new goal, after last year’s (1-0).
Once again on the score sheet, Ayew caused some worries before the match. He felt a pain in the thigh during the warm-up. Fortunately it was not serious.
Heinze had already scored an identical free-kick against Rennes during the match for the title last season, a goal which also opened the scoring.