What has become of you? Hamada Jambay

24 jun 2011 Par 
E.J. - Photos : OM4Ever - Albalad
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The fullback trained at the club during the D2 years and the return to the elite has business interests in the Comoros Islands, where he coached until last February.

Like Marquet, the late Wacouboué or Libbra and Asuar, Hamada Jambay was part of a generation of Marseille players who came through the ranks at OM and who greatly helped the club when they were in the D2 during the mid 90s. An explosive right-back, the native of the Comoros Islands played one match in the first division 93-94 before becoming a pillar of the proud team that played in the lower echelon from 1994 to 1996.
OM back among the elite in 1996-97, he was an indiscutable first team player for the first two seasons in which he scored memorable goals against Lens and Montpellier (see below) that have long monopolized the best goal of the season of the day. In 1998-99 and the arrival of Patrick Blondeau, Jambay played less and glided slowly to the bench.
It was then time to leave the Marseille cocoon for Toulouse where he played two seasons before the club collapsed ... The serious player finally bounced back in the Ligue 2 with Sedan where he played four seasons until their promotion in 2006. Hamada disappeared somewhat afterwards and then finally surfaced in the Comoros Islands a little while ago. If he turned businessman, he also became coach of Djabal a club of Iconi (his hometown) with whom he won the cup, the first trophy of the club's history. Tired of seeing the best players leave the team, he resigned in February and still lives in the Comoros Islands.