Barrada: "Return to Marseille with the qualification"

09 dec 2015
Allan Chaussard, à Liberec
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Yannick Parienti / 2015
Abdelaziz Barrada's press conference on the eve of the encounter between OM and Liberec, at the Nisy stadium as part of the 6th day of the Ligue Europa 2015-16.

Determined, Abdelazziz Barrada spoke at a press conference the eve of the match with fighting words and only one goal in mind: to qualify for the next round. Regardless of the context or the disappointment of the first leg, the Olympien mid fielder does not plan on returning to Marseille empty handed.

The relaxed look displayed by the Liberec players...
"we are also very relaxed. We have it in our hearts to qualify for the second round. We are approaching this match with total conviction. We want to win this match and return to Marseille with the qualification."

Sold out stadium
"For them the qualification is also a game. They, like us, will want to do the maximum. We are under no particular pressure. We will approach this match like the others. We want to stay on our good run and qualify for the next round, that's all. We are aware of our skills and we know that we can do it."

Trap match?
"No, we have prepared for it. We knew that we would be expected. We know also that it will be cold and that we will play in a small stadium with a lot of atmosphere. Everyone is focussed and anxious to play a big match and to qualify."

In case of elimination...
"That would be a real disappointment. We have the skills to pass this round and we are confident for tomorrow. We knew long before the draw that the European Cup is never obvious and that there is no easy match."

Poor work going uphill?
"We are not going to rejoice over our defeat. We are disappointed, that's normal. We would have loved to win in Braga and against Liberec, but that's soccer. We need to make up for that tomorrow in Liberec to bring back the qualification."

First place in the top group?
"Yes, but the results have to be to our advantage, meaning that we win and that Braga looses against Groningen. But the main goal is to qualify and to calmly prepare for the following competitions." 

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