Florian Thauvin is back!

31 jan 2016
Allan Chaussard
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Transferred to Newcastle last August 19, Florian Thauvin is back in OM on loan from the English club for the next six months.

Last August 19, Florian Thauvin joined Newcastle, after two entire seasons with OM (92 matches, 21 goals and 12 assists) The very next day, he left a message for the Olympien fans to thank them their support and to tell them how much he loved to wear the jersey of Olympique de Marseille. In his message full of emotions, he admitted he had only dreamt about such a wonderful sport experience. He conceded: "I will miss the Vélodrome forever."
Since then, the winger could not find his playe in England even if he played 16 games and scored 1 goal. Because of the lack of playing time, the young left winger (he turned 23 last January 26) comes back to OM on loan until the end of the season. The two clubs agreed on the temporary transfer today.
The OM fans, with whom he has been in contact through the social networks since his departure, can enjoy again his wholehearted self-sacrifice and his outstanding technical skills in every game, just like this incredible act by the former number 14 of OM during the preparatory trainings of Marseille in Spain last summer, that you can rediscover here.
Florian Thauvin's history with OM and Marseille is unique since his arrival to the club in the summer of 2013. It happens again, against all expectations.
Maybe this time, Florian Thauvin's dreams will be fulfilled. He will not miss the Vélodrome anymore...
Welcome home Flo...

Florian Thauvin's statistics in OM

- 2013-2014
Ligue 1 : 31 matches, 8 goals and 3 assists
Champions League : 6 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist
French Cup : 2 matches, 1 goal
League Cup : 2 matches
Friendly games : 1 match

- 2014-2015
Ligue 1 : 36 matches, 5 goals and 3 assists
French Cup : 1 match
League Cup : 1 match
Friendly games : 6 matches, 4 goals and 3 assists

- 2015-2016
Ligue 1 : 2 matches
RLD Trophy : 1 match
Friendly games : 3 matches, 2 goals and 2 assists

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