Trélissac 0-2 OM : Fletcher, Olympian of the match

12 feb 2016
Allan Chaussard
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Yannick Parienti / 2016
Unsurprisingly, the OM passer and striker achieves his first title as the Olympian player of the match against Trélissac (Trélissac 0-2 OM, 8th of the French cup finals 2015-16). The Scottish beat Steve Mandanda and Romain Alessandrini.
1 | Steven Fletcher - 61,7%

The debut in the olympian shirt is a dream. Steven Fletcher hasn't taken a lot of time to make his mark in the new team, with a decisive pass, a subtle back-heel on Alessandrini's opening score, and a goal at the Barrada center for his first tenure with OM at the forefront of the attack.
For 90 minutes the Scottish were proving themselves as technically skillful and tactically intelligent as well as available for their mates at all times.
However, Fletch', as he wishes to be called, doesn't refuse duels. He competed for 13 against Trélissac and took away 8 (62%). He also proved to be a good head player with a strong desire to fight for the team. A full match that's ideal for the beginning of his adventure as an Olympian, but he has yet to confirm himself against opponents of higher caliber.

2 | Steve Mandanda – 18,4%

In the case of Steve Mandanda, weeks go by and look like one another! Once, Marseilles' captain saved his team with his extraordinary moves, such as the one against Cavaniol at the very beginning of the match or even before Papin just a few minutes before the half-time. In a difficult encounter against an opponent from another division (CFA), Steve Mandanda maintained his concentration and played brilliantly as usual.
The first returner of the team, Steve Mandanda has never panicked against a suppressing opponent, despite the soft, slippery grass due to heavy rain at the Gironde.
The phenomenon has absolutely wanted to play this match. It was the right move.

3 | Romain Alessandrini – 12,6%

Holder of this title for the first time since Decemeber 3, Romain Alessandrini seems to have recovered from his foot injury and did not disappoint. Very active on the right side, OM's winger scored witha stunning strike, as a result of a perfectly executed pass done by Steven Fletcher .
Valued both for the development of his offensive as well as in pressing, Alessandrini brought a dash of fresh air to the team with his return. Due to lack of rhythm, Romain slowed down and was replaced by Bouna Sarr in the second half-time.
Equally important in the dressing room, even when he's not playing, the Marseille player is without a doubt one of the major strengths OM has for the remainder of the season, that is, if spared from injuries.

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