Mendy Put to the Test, Ball at his Feet

12 feb 2016
Allan Chaussard
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Allan Chaussard / 2016
Benjamin Mendy trained with the ball this afternoon at the Robert Louis-Dreyfus Center.

Little by little, the time for Benjamin Mendy to get back to work is approaching. He was the victim of a tear in his rectus femoris on January 3 in Caen (SMC 0-0, 1 s.a.g.) at 3 OM, final 32 of the Coupe de France 2015-16). The Olympiens' right wingback trained this afternoon, ball at his feet, under the supervision of the medical staff, headed by Dr. Christophe Baudot.
Just once, the staff remained to watch him go through an exercise. Benjamin Mendy has indeed been tested by a machine. Eight radars were positioned in one corner of the field with a presence sensor on each one. The principle is very simple but also very challenging for the player. After a countdown of 3 seconds to launch the which has been programmed in advance by the staff, one of the radars lights up in green until the player goes by. One second later, another radar takes over, and so on.
Benjamin Mendy went through several of the sequences, including one of 30 repetitions, moving the ball from one sensor to another as fast as possible.
The player ended the exercise work out, but he has to get used to it since it's his new program in the days to come.
It's necessary to waita little bit longer before seeing Benjamin Mendy with the rest of the book, as Michel said at a press conference this Friday