Nice 1-1 OM: your Olympian of the game

15 feb 2016
Camille Daurès
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Yannick Parienti / 2016
You were 2181 to vote for the Olympian of the match. One player broke away. Here are the results.
1 / Lassana Diarra - 45.67%

Your Olympian of the game against Nice? Lassana Diarra of course! Everything seems so easy for the OM midfielder. He only has to accelerate a little to cause panic. Each of his ball possessions makes possible for OM to move forward and create a dangerous situation at the opponent's goal. Against Nice, he had a significant role in the recovery of the ball. When they had to clear the ball, he did it, as usual, in a very simple way. To take the ball from him, Nice players had to go with a group of four on him and they often committed a foul. Once again, Lass was very strong in midfield and was valuable for OM.
With more than 45% of the votes, Lassana Diarra is your Olympian of the match.

2 / Mauritius - 27.33%

Scorer of the only Olympian goal, Mauricio Isla has made OM be in the lead for 57 minutes. From the corner of Romain Alessandrini, the Chilean scored his first goal with OM from a header . Step by step, he becomes stronger and imposes himself while becoming a stable member in the starting lineup of Michael. His joy after scoring speaks volumes about his pride to wear the OM jersey.
With 27% of the votes, Mauricio Isla arrives on the second step of the podium.

3 / Rémy Cabella - 6.19%

When he is not there, it feels. So when he is there, the Olympian game is fun to see and lively. Against Nice, Rémy Cabella was the first who had a dangerous hit among the Olympians. He also distributed good balls including a beautiful pass through the defense poorly controlled by Florian Thauvin.
Rémy Cabella has the third place with 6.19% of votes.

Olympian of the game