OM 0-1 Bilbao : Lassana Diarra the Olympian of the match

19 feb 2016
Allan Chaussard
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Yannick Parienti / 2016
Without any possible doubt, Lassana Diarra wins the election of the Olympian of the match against Bilbao (OM 0-1 Bilbao, 16th finals of the Europa League 2015-16). The midfield harvest 72.36% of the vote. He is ahead of Steven Fletcher and Mauricio Isla.
1 | Lassana Diarra – 72,36%

As usual, Lassana Diarra splashed the match with all of his glory Thursday night at the Velodrome stadium against aux Basques of Athletic Bilbao. Unfortunately, the talent of the French team midfielder was not enough to overcome the Spanish team.
Incredible during the recovery, thanks to his unique interpretation of playing the game, amazing at the revival, especially regarding the long transverse to serve his teammates on the wings, but also technically impressive to get away from the pressure of the opposing team, Lassana Diarra did it all while facing Bilbao. We could note, for example, his face to face in a delicate area with Williams, which he came out from with incredible ease.
The number 10 Olympian is the strong man of the OM team this season, in all circumstances.

2 | Steven Fletcher – 6,18%

The Scottish striker is one of the great satisfactions of the evening next to the Olympian. Incredible in the throw-in and with his aerial deviations kicks, Steven Fletcher proved to always be available for his teammates, not hesitating to descend low enough on the ground to retrieve some balloons. His technique of great safety has helped the team to develop its game. He gave a very good ball to Barrada in the penalty area. Always well placed, number 9 did not get a lot of balls to exploit in the adversary area but in a few games, he has already shown that he will be a major asset to OM for the rest of the season.

3 | Mauricio Isla – 5,29%

The Chilean is like a real Swiss Army knife. Generally positioned in midfield alongside Lassana Diarra, Mauricio Isla has regained his front right side position at Bilbao to face Brice Djadjédjé forfeit. Regardless of the field, Isla did the job. Against the Basques, he often cut the enemy offensive's blows with furious tackles of which he has the secret. He also projected himself a lot in the right lane, where Lassana Diarra regularly found him on long crosses.
Worker, barker and slick, Mauricio Isla has become a key element of Michel team. 

Olympian of the game