Vincent Labrune: "Endurance and competetiveness"

23 feb 2016
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Forty-eight hours after the tie game with Saint-Étienne, the president responded to questions from OM Médias about the rest of the season and the club's short-term and long-term future.

- Mr. President, what is your reaction the day after another tie game at the Vélodrome against Saint-Étienne?
"Beyond Sunday's game, we were really looking forward to the 3 games during the week against Nice, Bilbao and Saint-Etienne. In the end, there was a lot of disappointment since we weren't able to win and we found ourselves in a complicated situation. Nevertheless, in the Championship, as in the Europa League, everything is still possible and that's the hope that I want to cling to.
"In the championship especially, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus and I, we're counting on our players and staff to keep up their efforts right at the beginning of a series of games that are important to our future and that seem a little more doable, on paper, than the previous ones. Nothing is decided, including who will win (remember that we're only 5 points from 3rd place). The club absolutely has to qualify for a European competition in the upcoming year."

- Next season, understandably, has been the subject of a lot of rumors in the press. What exactly is happening?
"It's frustrating than individuals who work neither with the club nor the shareholder are allowed to talk in our name. Today the situation is very clear: there is a shareholder, who is the boss, and a president who works hand in hand with her to make the best decisions about Olympique de Marseille's future. On that subject, we are making a lot of the strategic considerations: they range from the daily organization of the club to its financial management and its future. And anything that is said in the press by anyone who isn't directly involved in our process, whether with Margarita Louis-Dreyfus or with me, has no value."

- Is the club for sale?
"As Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has said, she isn't looking for a buyer, she's working with me and advisors on a strategy for the club. We are currently making several considerations aimed at assuring that the club will last and stay competitive in the future. So we'll be listening to possible investors who would be interested in growing OM and moving it forward, since our ultimate goal is for OM to become the amazing team that it used to be."

Interview Vincent Labrune

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