D1 – OM 2-0 PSG: Olympic!

18 mar 2017
Allan Chaussard
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Meryll Vian / OM.net 2016
The Olympians did something that seemed unattainable this afternoon by beating PSG 2-0, during the 16th day of the feminine D1 championship. Dominated throughout the whole game, they put their whole heart, legs and above all, their head, into the game.

We're an hour into the game. The score is still goalless. The 557 viewers of the Roger-Lebert stadium encourage the Olympians to resist like they've been doing with a lot of self-sacrifice and method since the kick-off: Let's go girls! Stil 30 minutes to go!». Under the pressure of PSG early on in the game, OM has a perfect organization and pushes back each offensive of its prestigious opponent. Christophe Parra's team plays on the counter, but often lacks accuracy in the last pass to worry Kiedrzynek.
In a new attempt, Coton-Pelagie looks for Yüceil between the two PSG center defenders. They interfere with each other and leave the field to the Belgian international, whose kick leaves the Polish goal keeper no chance. The goal net quakes and so does the small and crowded bleachers.
OM opens the scoring thirty minutes before the final whistle. It's such a feat not many people would have bet on, but no need to claim victory now against the Lyonnais ogre runner-ups.

A little more than 10 minutes later, Asseyi, who made impressive efforts throughout the game, is suddenly stopped by Parades when entering the Parisian area. The audience calls for a red card for the Spanish woman. The referee takes out a yellow one. The supporters rant. Meanwhile, Sandrine Brétigny, who came into play a few minutes earlier, remains calm and puts her ball where the foul took place. The most experimented Olympian takes a few steps back, makes her move, kicks and doubles down. Joy is disproportionate to the last one. The Olympian striker takes off her jersey and crosses the field, like she was possessed. She takes the audience with her. This time, they fully believe in it.
OM still needs to hold on for 20 minutes, but the feat is at hand, or at glove - Pauline Peyraud-Magnin's - perfect during each one of her steals, attentive to any kick and so precious on each ball in the air.
The minutes slowly tick away. The supporters ask the referee to make the period shorter in order to let their joy ring out. It was monumental when the whistle blew.
OM, which just got promoted this season, beat PSG - Champions League's quarter-finalist - in front of a very smiling Andoni Zubizarreta.
The performance is fabulous. The emotion is beautiful. This team definitely deserves its Olympic name! Congrats girls!

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