The coronation of King George VI

17 may 2017
Allan Chaussard
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Fatima Larbaoui / et Archives 2017
1929 amateur French Championship, in this year OM celebrated its 80th year since its first French professional championship. Throughout the week, celebrates this anniversary by reminiscing on the past. Today, we return to the day the Olympians announced champions, while "Le Petit Provençal" reported on the British sovereigns' coronation.

Few are still here today who witnessed the 1937 Olympique de Marseille (OM). Elizabeth II might have, but it is not certain that the news reached her ears on the 12th May, 1937. On that day, the now Queen of England was 11 years old and was attending the coronation of her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons at Westminster Abbey in London, in front of three million guest.
The next day, Thursday, 13th May, international press were buzzing with reports of the coronation (below is one from the 'Petit Provençal'). Neither the OM, nor the "fixture", thanks to a draw between Sochaux and Cannes (1-1), made the headlines. Le Petit Provençal reported it without dwelling on it in its sports pages ( picture opposite ). L'Auto, the national sports daily of reference at the time, was more demonstrative, including an unambiguous headline: "Football has found its champion"( picture below ).
Although, mathematically Sochaux could return to the heights of the OM, the goal-average ( and not the difference in goals, we will come back to that tomorrow ) is so clearly advantageous to the Vasconcellos team, that it seems impossible for the Doubistes to obtain the title.
But since the great disappointment in 1934, when the press reported the OM before the end of the championship, while there was still hope for Sète to be the final champions, the Marseillais prefer to remain cautious up to the end. This certainly explains the Petit Provençal's low profile, with the British sovereigns' coronation on the same day, they had a ready made alibi for avoiding any big talk.

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