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Allan Chaussard
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Amateur Champion of France 1929, this year OM celebrates the 80th anniversary of its first professional champion title of France. Throughout the week, OM.net will be celebrating this anniversary by remembering the past. Today, a return to the acquisition of the title obtained according to the particular rule of goal average, for the first time in the history of French football.

Nowadays, the purists are insistent, we no longer talk of goal average, but of goal difference, and they are perfectly right.
On the other hand, at the beginning of the professional era, in 1932, and until the 1964-65 season, teams with tied points were divided into the "average goal", the famous goal average, the result of which is the quotient of goals, that is to say the value resulting from the division of the number of goals marked by the number of goals collected.
Thus, in 1937, OM is crowned professional French champion for the first time in its history, with 38 points (the victory is 2 units) and a goal average of 1.769 against 1.333 for Sochaux. Never before had a team won the championship in this way. Forever the first is a constant in the history of the club.
Almost guaranteed two days before the end of the season, following the draw with Sochaux in Cannes (1-1), the coronation of OM did not make the headlines in Provence. The trauma of 1934 is still too fresh in the memories, although it would have been necessary for the Olympians to achieve at least 15 goals during the last two meetings and yet, at the same time, Sochaux had gained so much that fate twisted again, as explained by "L'Auto" at the time (picture opposite).

The Olympians finally win the national professional title at the end of a season that was kicked-off very badly. Eighth in the break, Eisenhoffer's players set their sights at the top of the championship in March. They will not give up.
Another astonishing fact is that they have an incredible record with 8 defeats against 3 draws and 4 wins. The best defence of the season with only 39 goals conceded, Mario Zatelli's team is uncompromising at home and concedes only a draw and a defeat against Sochaux (0-1).
The Doubists, OM's main competitors this season, also got off to a bad start, but they are achieving an impressive final sprint. They kept the suspense to the end, won the Trophy of France and on top of that, they also "ruined" the party at the Fernand-Bouisson stadium for the last act of the championship (photos opposite).
As in 1934, it is necessary to wait until the final day to officially hand over the title to the winner, but this time OM does not crack and the Marseillais celebrate their champions three days later during a memorable exhibition in front of the splendid Basque selection.

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