1937, already a cosmopolitan team

20 may 2017
Allan Chaussard
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Amateur Champions of France in 1929, this year OM celebrates 80th anniversary of their first Professional Championship of France title. Throughout this week, OM.net will celebrate this anniversary by remembering the past. Today, focus on the players in a team that is truly international at heart.

Cosmopolitan Marseille Here, people and communities have always intermingled. A rich mix of cultures built and has enriched the city. Likewise OM.
The 1937 team certainly did not stray from this tradition if you remembers one "seminal" point: the first official OM goal scorer was Swiss, even though he was born in Cannes. His name? Gaston Bensimon. He scored the first goal on 28 January 1900 at Parc Borély against US Phocéenne during the first day of the Littoral Championship.
During the 1937 title, you can identify 10 different nationalities among the 28 players This winning team included players born in Algeria (Gonzales, Zatelli, Ben Bouali, Aznar, Bastien, Zermani, Rebibo) ,in Germany (Waggi, Ignace, Wawrzeniak), or, like their trainer, Eisenhoffer, in Hungary (Weiskopf, Estevan, SAS, Kohut), and also in Brazil (Vasconcellos), Italy (Bistolfi), Greece (Clapsis, Hadjinicolas), Poland (Olejniczak), Turkey (Erevian) and Switzerland (Bruhin). Only six players were born in France (Granier, Miquel), of whom four were from Marseille (Durand, Dard, El Hadidji and Gorelli).
These names have gone down in history, but some have a particular resonance.

We are thinking in particular of the coach, Joszef Eisenhoffer, who arrived from the United States in 1932, having fled the Hungarian crisis in 1929. "The man with the lethal left" left his mark on OM as a player, with two Coupes de France (1935, 1938) and a Championship (1937). A man with a sad destiny, he returned to his own country at the end of his career, before dying in Budapest in 1944, having fallen victim to a Soviet shell during the liberation of the city.
There is also Vasconcellos, "The Jaguar", the first Brazilian Olympian international, known for taking a gamble with the opposition when taking penalties. He excelled not only on his line, but also as a goal shooter. He is,moreover, to this day, the only Olympian goalkeeper to have scored a goal in a championship.
Equally memorable are midfielders Henri Dard (330 matches) and Jean Bastien (337 matches), the most successful pre-war players with OM.
The elegant Wilmos "Willy" Kohut also made his mark on history. Nicknamed "the Hungarian cannon," he has the reputation of having broken the wooden cross-pieces of the Huveaune stadium with his hefty left foot.
Finally, "the beautiful Mario" Zatelli is undoubtedly the best known player of this generation. Arriving from Casablanca in 1935, he quickly became OM's key attacker. Spectacular and efficient, he stacked up the goals (100 in total at OM, 26 in D1 in 1937) and forged an incredible record as a player, then as coach, with, notably, in Olympian colours, three D1 Championships of France (1938, 1969, 1972) and three Coupes de France (1937, 1938, 1972).
This team also won the Coupe de France the following year. It remains the first team in the history of the club to have won the French Football Championship. The first title in a long series.

The men of the 1936-37 season

Henry Raynaud (OM President)
Ernest Blanc (President of the football section)
Joszef Eisenhoffer (Trainer)

Emmanuel Aznar (Midfielder)
Henry Jean Bastien (Midfielder)
Abdel Kader Ben Bouali (Defender)
Stéphano Bistolfi (Goalkeeper)
Ferdinand Bruhin (Midfielder)
Henry Conchy (Defender)
Robert Costamagna (Defender)
Georges Dard (Midfielder)
Raymond Durand (Midfielder)
Armenak Erevanian (Goalkeeper)
Souilem Gnaoui (Midfielder)
Joseph Gonzales (Defender)
Aristide Gorelli (Defender)
Pierre Granier (Attacking midfielder)
Hadjinicolas (Midfielder)
Marcel Hadidji (Defender)
Willy Kohut (Attacker)
Ignace Kowalczyk (Midfielder)
Estevan Meister (Midfielder)
Marcel Miquel (Midfielder)
Franz Olejniczak (Midfielder)
René Rebibo (Attacker)
Karoly Schneider SAS (Midfielder)
Jaguare de Besveconne Vasconcelos (Goalkeeper)
Edouard Waggi Wawrzeniak (Attacker)
Edmond Weiskopf (Attacker)
Mario Zatelli (Attacker)
Emile Zermani (Midfielder)

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