Valère Germaine, perfect start

28 jul 2017
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Helios image 2017
Faced with Ostend for his first official match, Bruno's son performed better even than he'd go on to (with Opta). We eagerly wait the next chapter.

Eight shots including five on target (3 goals and 1 post), one goal every 28 minutes and every 2.7 shots, 79% pass success rate with 75% in the last 30 metres (16 passes). All this in 85 minutes of play.

Valère Germain didn't miss his official beginnings with the club in which his father Bruno won the championship (89, 90, 91) and the Coupe de France (89).

Better than that even sine "Super Valère" is the only player in Olympic history (since 1932) to achieve a hat trick in their first official match.

That's more than the greatest players like JPP (1 goal), Josip Skoblar (1 goal), Gunnar Andersson (1 goal), Larbi Ben Barek (2 goals), Laurent Blanc (2 goals) or Pepito Alcazar (2 goals).

In one match, the former Monegasque validates the choice of the managers to go searching for him in the Principality. His assured and intelligent performance, marked by maturity, earned him the acclaim and recognition of the demanding audience of the Orange Velodrome who appreciate talent and praise the sense of duty and sacrifice.