Opening of OM's public account on Viber

18 Oct 2017
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Olympique Marseille has today announced the opening of its official Viber account.

By linking up with Rakuten Viber, OM is further consolidating its new communication and content distribution strategy: all OM supporters and, in a more global sense, all football fans – wherever they happen to be located on the planet – need to have easy access to the best OM content. With this new platform, Olympique Marseille is providing its supporters with a new way of staying in contact with their team.

Via OM's public account, Viber's 900 million users around the world now have access to daily content such as exclusive interviews, behind the scenes training, match reports, player and trainer reactions, etc. Supporters now have a dedicated chatbot to try out too, and can also download official Olympique Marseille sticker packs free of charge.

Having already established partnerships with FC Barcelona in Spain and the Golden State Warriors in the United States, Rakuten Viber has now entered into a collaboration with another major and well-known team, this time in France. Through our unique communication platform, Olympique Marseille supporters, whether in France or anywhere else in the world, will now be able to access exclusive content, communicate with their favourite players, and express all their passion and emotion. Come on OM!

Djamel Agaoua, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

We want to give our supporters something to get excited about through the successes we achieve and the matches we play. Viber is today providing us with a tremendous opportunity to do this even more extensively and directly. Everyone at Olympique Marseille is firmly convinced that this partnership represents an innovative way of interacting with OM's fans and, in a broader sense, with football fans in general.

Jacques-Henri Eyraud, President of Olympique Marseille.

To follow OM on Viber, click the following link: