Olympique de Marseille and Patrice Evra have parted ways.

10 nov 2017
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By mutual agreement,Olympique de Marseille and Patrice Evra have decided to stop working together. The player's contract has been officially terminated with immediate effect.
Since January 2017 Patrice Evra has exhibited exemplary behaviour on the pitch and in the changing rooms. He played an important role in the team's revival, the significant improvement in its results and the rebirth of greater sporting ambitions.
On 2nd November at Guimarães he committed an unforgiveable error by responding to the outrageous provocations of a handful of individuals. Nevertheless, nothing, in form or substance, can justify such a blunder, especially on the part of such an experienced players whose behaviour on and off the field is an inspiration to young people.
In this context, Patrice Evra could no longer fulfill the requirements to calmly and efficiently accomplish his task. Both parties met and jointly decided to cease working together.
This incident also highlighted the inacceptable attitude of a small number of people who shouted insults and verbal threats at the player and his family and then invaded the pitch, against the regulations.
Behaviour like this, which exposes the club to penalties, have no place in the Olympique de Marseille's stands, where loving your team and supporting its players has made Marseille's fans the best 12th man in France and a benchmark for European supporters.
Whilst the club is very attached to the atmosphere on its terraces and recognises the relentless and sometimes difficult work of some groups of fans, it will sanction those among them who commit this sort of lapse. Furthermore, regular meetings with representatives of different groups will continue and will be the occasion of a re-examination of the measures necessary to prevent such outbursts.       
Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the Chairman of Olympique de Marseille added : " Today we are sad. First of all for Patrice Evra who has obviously suffered all the consequences of his action and can no longer play a part in his passion for Olympique de Marseille. Then for Marseille's supporters who have been stigmatised by the irresponsible behaviour of a few of their members. And finally for the club itself, whose reputation is stained, even though it had made the exemplary behaviour of everyone one of the cornerstones of its relaunch. Depite this incident, we are more determined than ever to show on the pitch and off that we are motivated by the highest possible standards, both individually and collectively."