Montpellier 1-1 OM, That's something at least....

03 dec 2017
Frédéric Rostain
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Roland Grunchec - Nicolas Copin / Helios Image / OM
Leading the score, the Olympians have suceeded in equalising thanks to a penalty converted by Thauvin, and they are still undefeated for eleven days running.

The Marathon continues for OM with two matches per week until the break and Rudi Garcia follows the current rotation. For the move to Montpellier, the Marsellais trainer has made three adjustments from the match in Metz: Abdennour, Sanson and Germain have a first team position in place of Rolando, Ocampos and Mitroglou.
The Olympians knew what to expect the moment of kickoff in the match in Mosson. It's for this reason that they immediately set to attack the goal opposite. After only 14 seconds of play, Germain seized a badly passed ball from the locals but his shot, too far crossed, didn't worry Lecomte. After, the awaited scenario played out almost as expected. The Marseillais had the ball and struggled against the best defence of the championship. But possession isn't everything.. Faced with an opposition both well united and well organised, the use wasn't optimal in terms of open opportunities...which were too few and far between. The men of Der Zakarian found themselves opportunities on counters from Sessegnon and Mbenza.. It was Sio who finally mamaged to open the score. With a loss of the ball from Gustavo, the centre of Sessegnon was deflected by the back of Sakai and took everyone by surprise except Sio who recovered acrobatically and fooled Mandanda.
The OM had to react. The second shot from the Olympiens came in the 41st minute from Zambo Anguissa. His shot went off well but was quickly countered.. A new offensive from the men in white turned to a foul. The referee called a penalty for, or so we thought at first, a handball from Hilton (although pressed to his body.) It was actually for a foul, less evident, on Sanson. The OM were offered a penalty, the first of the season and even the first since last January 27th in the Orange Vélodrlme against...Montpeĺlier (winning 5-1) Like at the start of the year.Thauvin took charge and equalised the score despite the dive to the right side from Lecomte.

In the second half, the OM were predominantly in posession and used it even better. The sides were better exploited, the centres more numerous but the actions weren't really daring enough against the Héraultaise nets. At one hours play, the goalkeeper relinquished his place to Ocampos. The deciding match of next Thursday against Salzburg is already in the team's spirits. Lecomte left the great game due to a strike on the first attempt from Germain.
Nevertheless, with the urge to score the second goal, the OM left, from time to time, spaces which Montpellier failed to exploit. But thankfully, the Marsellaise defence held well. This was true of Montpellier as well, over the minutes, the block led by Hilton was always well positioned, quickly upon the person in posession of the ball and extremely well oiled in their movements. The Montpellier side gave way in the last 5 minutes. Mandanda rebounded Aguilar's shot first and then they scored a free-kick from Camera but after a few seconds of discussion amongst the referees, the goal was dis-allowed for an offside by Brazilian defender Hilton.

The OM carry their season of matches without defeat to 11, 7 victories and 4 draws. The point from the draw brought from Mosson thanks to a penalty from Thauvin, allows the OM to number as many points as Lyon and Monaco, in second and third. It's for the difference in goals that the OM loose their place on the podium....