Official press release following incidents during the match between OM and Salzburg

09 dec 2017
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Official press release from Olympique de Marseille

In light of the unacceptable violence perpetrated against the stewards who came to separate two groups of supporters who were fighting during the match between OM and Salzburg on Thursday 8th December at the Orange Velodrome, the board of Olympique de Marseille last night summoned the representatives of South Winners and MTP.

Following the meeting, the club decided to sanction SW with a closure of their area in the south stand for Sunday's match between Olympique de Marseille and AS Sain-Etienne, as well as a ban on travelling to Rennes. SW find themselves up against a closed-off area, a travel ban added to a period of probation.

Although Olympique de Marseille attaches great importance to seeking a permanent and constructive dialogue with supporters' groups, it has no choice but to strongly condemn all forms of violence, and to call on the responsibility of the presidents of the supporters' groups to take a strong stance against violence.