OM - Monaco (2-2): Back to back

sun 28 jan at 22:55
Frédéric Rostain
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Roland Grunchec - Nicolas Copin - Helios Image - OM
The Olympiens and Monegasques cusp blow for blow in a cadenced and lively encounter. But it is OM who come up trumps by levelling with Lyon.

You should not have arrived late at the Orange Velodrome on Sunday evening for the 23rd day of the Ligue 1 Conforama. Not only would you have missed the spectacular arrival of the parachute ball, broadcast live on the stadium's giantscreens and on twitter but also the crazy start to the match with two goals in less than eight minutes. Jardim's men, who had a better start to the game, fired first. From the fourth minute, Sidbe recovers the ball and performs a one-two with Baldé on the right, the center, blocked by Rami which benefits Baldé who gets past Rolando before fooling Mandanda in a one-to-one. The Olympiens react very quickly. Rami, who felt guilty about the goal, intercepts the ball and makes a frantic move up the field. The action continues at full speed with a centre kick from Germain that crosses into the entire box on the other side, Thauvin crosses the ball in turn to ... Rami who jumps higher than the person opposite him and sends the ball into the back of the net.
With both teams being equal, they engaged in a real fight, especially in the midfield with commitment, impact and very heated duels. On the physical and athletic level, OM were always ready with a quick reply. . It must be said that Rudi Garcia lined up his team at the kickoff. At a tactical level, they also knew what to do with the ball because they were the ones who had the best opportunities to take the lead. Payet did not manage to score with a superb sombrero flick from Thauvin, OM did not take advantage of a hazardous exit by Subasic and finally Gustavo tried from afar. In vain…

The audience should not have lingered at the bar during the break. On the first free kick of the second-half, Payet worked the ball up the very far post where Germain fiived in to give OM a head-start. A short-lived advantage because Monaco equalised quickly. Sidibé served Fabinho, who wiped out three players before scoring with the help of the post. Everything had to be redone. Monaco sent a warning to Marseille with a goal from Jemerson being refused for an offside position on a free kick from Ghezzal. The warning was perfectly received by the Olympiens. Subasic pushes a volley from Germain and then Sanson misses the frame on a volley in the opening of the box. The game races on and could change on both sides. The opportunities are increasing. Ghezzal tries a "Thauvin" but Mandanda slams back the ball. Germain slightly misses the frame on a centre from Sanson. The end of the game is full of pressure. Both teams are on a wire. The Orange Velodrome holds its breath with every movement made. But the score remains the same...

Even though OM did not win, they nevertheless defended their honour in the first leg by standing their ground against the official champions of France. The point from the draw makes it possible to level with Lyon, who were beaten in Bordeaux. The Olympiens are third but now have the same number of points as Lyon (48).