Jacques-Henri Eyraud interacts with supporters on Viber

20 feb 2018
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Frédéric Rostain / OM
On Tuesday afternoon, OM chairman Jacques-Henri Eyraud interacted with Les Olympien supporters on Viber for nearly an hour.

The OM chairman will often interact  with the Club’s supporters. He played this game for the first time on Viber on Tuesday afternoon. Jack D, Aurél, Mathieu, Cris, Geo, Fouad, Eloi, Thibaut and Baptiste were on Viber to participate in a chat with Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

Several themes were discussed:

- The position of chairman on which Jacques-Henri wanted to "bring in external perspective".

- His position on the dispute between the LFP and the ultra movement: "The current system does not work, it requires a new deal. The relations between the authorities and the supporters are bad. The debate on a return to "standing zones” goes in the direction of the popular festival-like atmosphere that must be a football match.

- OM's sporting and non-sporting results: "At the sports level, we are progressing and the work being done is incredible, but we have not won anything yet. For the rest, we work but there is still a lot more to do.

- On the atmosphere in the Orange Vélodrome Stadium: "Everyone will have to take responsibility. Common sense and best interests must prevail."

- The international development of OM: "We have a global project with a lot of work on social networks and Viber accompanies us at this level. Touring abroad is not planned for this summer, but it is a short-term goal."

- The transfer window: "Qualifying in the Champions League earlier than expected would have positive consequences. But we do not plan to do anything in a crazy market.

- The legacy he wants to leave to OM: "Always win and then win more. Also make progress on the image of a club that invests in the City and aware of its social responsibility.

- The big striker: "The big striker is the team!"

- The future training center: "The Cesne stadium will host part of the training center and La Commanderie will focus on post-training and the pro group."

After nearly an hour of conversation, Jacques-Henri Eyraud thanked the fans for their questions but also the 3,000 members of the OM community who followed the chat.

Find the whole cat with Jacques-Henri Eyraud on Viber.