Q&A with Sanson: "Our goals are clear"

sun 25 mar at 16:33
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Les Olympiens’ midfielder, Morgan Sanson, took advantage of the international break to sit down with OM.net to discuss his season, his progress on the field and his hopes for the last two months of the campaign.

How do you judge your season so far?
"It's been a good season in terms of performance and statistics — I’ve been able to score some goals. Then, I had ups and downs — like especially in September where I played a little less. I was a little poor and the team was playing well. I took that on myself, I worked and I came back well. Overall, I'm happy. "

Compared to last season, you have fewer assists but more goals ...
"This pleases me. Last year, I had many opportunities to put everyone in to score. This year, I have been able find the back of the net, but I have less opportunities to pass. But as long as the team wins, it suits me ..."

Since arriving at OM, where do you think you have made the most progress?
"Everywhere ... I have progressed in all areas. Tactically, training, movement with and without ball. Those are just a few examples of where I progressed the most."

Where do you want to improve?
"In all areas. We can improve everywhere: technically, tactically, physically. I work to make progress on all points. "

What are your goals for the end of the season?
"Our goal is to do better than last season. At the moment, we are fulfilling this goal but we hope to have better at the end of the season."

OM are still in the Europa League with a big challenge against Leipzig. What is the objective on the European stage?
"We have the means and the qualities to go even further in the European Cup. We will have important games to play. It will be especially important to successfully navigate the first leg in Germany. I hope we will pass this round. We believe in ourselves.”

What would you consider a successful season?
"We need to keep third place and go as far as possible in the Europa League. Our goals are clear. "

Third place would be synonymous with qualification in the Champions League. Is it a dream to compete in Les Olympiens jersey on that massive stage?
"Of course! It's a dream to hear the famous music at the Vélodrome stadium with the OM jersey on my back, in front of our supporters who are with us and encourage us every game. "

Is winning a title, raising a trophy, with OM the ultimate dream?
"I came to Marseille to win titles. This year is a good season for us. We all want to go far in the Europa League, this is our last chance to win a title this season. We have the qualities to go far."