Statement from Frank McCourt

19 may 2018
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"Tonight’s victory marks the end of a season of significant progress for OM. While our fate was not entirely in our hands today – and I’m of course disappointed that we haven’t qualified for the Champions League -- I’m incredibly proud of the team for bouncing back after Wednesday’s loss to do what was needed today.

But above all, I want to remember all that we have accomplished this year, exceeding most people’s expectations by reaching the Europa League final and finishing fourth in Ligue 1.

We must now prepare for the new season as seriously as we did this year, building on the momentum we achieved by beating some of the best clubs in Ligue 1 and in Europe this year.

These were steps forward in our OM Champion Project but there is more work to be done to make OM an important club again in France and Europe.

From the cohesive group created this year, we must now build an even more competitive team for the next season.

This will now be Jacques-Henri, Andoni and Rudi’s mission. We owe it to our supporters and to all those who love and believe in OM."

Frank McCourt