OM - Milan AC: Matchday!

26 may 2018
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26 March 1993. This could be one of the most historic days for OM and French football. The Marseillais play tonight in Munich their second Champions League final against AC Milan.

To finally dry the tears of Bari. That's what Les Olympiens can do tonight at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Everyone still has ithat matc in mind, beautifully dominated, but lost on penalties against Red Star Belgrade in 1991. A wound still gaping in the hearts of the fans who now have an oppotunity to correct.

Les Olympiens also have the opportunity to validate a clear run in the Champions League this season. From Glentoran to Bruges via Moscow or Glasgow and its torrential rain for 90 minutes, the path taken to reach the final by the Marseillais was fraught with pitfalls but they managed to cross all of them without really stumbling as their grip on the game was great. There was stiil drama: On the last day of the group stage,it took a goal from Boksic in Bruges to obtain this precious ticket to Munich. Unbeaten in their 10 European games this season, Marseille are probably stronger than ever ...

In front of them, on the German pitch, they will have what is perhaps the best in terms of football opposition: AC Milan. Champion of Europe in 1990, the Milanese saw their road blocked by Marseille the following year in quarterfinal. And it was after the return leg at the Vélodrome, that they were expelled from the 1992 European Cup season. Back on the continental scene, Silvio Berlusconi's men have some a thirst for revenge against OM ... Led by his Dutch stars, Van Basten and Rijkaard, AC Milan is an monster, a steamroller that crushes everything in its path. It also has a formidable offensive weapon, well-known to La Canebière, a certain Jean-Pierre Papin ...

What does it matter ... OM has chance on its side. Since Sunday night, Les Olympiens have been in Bavaria at the chalet Alpina Rottach-Eggern. A paradise on earth on the edge of a lake between forests and mountains and, even better, it's near a training ground. Perfect working conditions, mixing seriousness and relaxation. Marseilles have even had the visit of a surprise guest, Chris Waddle! On this eve of a great rendezvous, the Englishman was ideal to bring, with his jokes and good humor. The best way to relieve the pressure.

From now on, it is time to think only of the game. Olympiens, you have the opportunity to offer a whole people (including more than 23,000 people who will be at the Olympic Stadium) a victory they have been waiting for so long for. You have the opportunity to write History. For you, for us, the city, the region, and the whole of France, do not miss this opportunity. Go Om !