SPOTLIGHT | Official OM Nation Fan Clubs

11 sep 2018
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OM Nation continues its expansion across all borders as the weeks go by. Now you can find all the official club fan clubs on our OM Nation map.

From Shanghai to Miami via London, Les Olympiens colours unite everyone. Our loyal supporters around the world are showcasing their passion after the launch of OM Nation Fan Clubs.
More than a gathering of supporters from around the world, the officialisation of international fan clubs allows each to experience a totally new fan culture. Meeting the players of Olympique de Marseille, participation in fan club tournaments, exclusive digital content and regular contact with OM are now a part of their relationship with the club.

Bertrand FRACHON, head of OM NATON Shanghai:

To be recognized by OM is, for us, a lot of joy. It's great that we can finally collaborate with OM and support our club remotely through OM Nation.

Serge Patrice BOSSOM, head of OM NATION Cameroon:

The members of our group are proud, happy to belong to this big family. The OM NATION program fulfilled all the dreams we had.

With the OM Nation map, wherever you are, find our official fan clubs and share unique moments together.