Trois «Petits Princes» au centre RLD

15 dec 2011 Par 
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Louis, Romain et Alexandre avaient un rêve, assister à un entraînement de l’OM et rencontrer les joueurs olympiens. L’association « Petits Princes », qui réalisent les rêves d’enfants gravement malades, a emmené, ce jeudi, Louis, Romain et Alexandre, venus spécialement de Strasbourg, Lille et Chambéry, au centre RLD. Ils ont pu assister à la séance d’entraînement avant de rencontrer les joueurs et les membres du staff de l’Olympique de Marseille. Une parenthèse enchantée à quelques jours de fêtes de fin d’année pour ces trois enfants gravement malades.

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The France beach soccer team at the RLD center

Stéphane François and his players were at the RLD center Thursday morning, two days before the 2015-16 French Cup final between OM and PSG.
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If the principal reward of a final challenge remains the winner's trophy, the 2015-16 edition of the France Cup will have a significant impact in many areas. Explanations.
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Troyes 1-1 OM: Thauvin, Olympian of the match

Florian Thauvin won the last election of the Olympian of the match in League 1 this season (1-1 OM Troyes, 38th day 2015-16). He beat Steven Fletcher and Lassana Diarra.
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Present in Birtz for the preparation phase before the 2016 Euro with Team France, the former forward for the OM, André-Pierre Gignac, expressed his thoughts on the final of the French Cup between the OM and the PSG.
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This is the big day, the long-awaited final of the 2015-16 French Cup. Facing their worst enemy, OM can write a new page in its history.
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OM 2-4 PSG: Thauvin, Olympian of the match

Despite the defeat against PSG in the final of the 2015-16 French Cup (2-4), many of you voted for the Olympian of the match at the Stade de France. Florian Thauvin was very far ahead, in front of Mandanda and Diarra, who were shoulder to shoulder.
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Despite a good overall showing, the OM fell against the PSG in the final of the Coupe de France. The third loss of the season against Paris
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Season 2015-16 - Coupe de France - Final - OM 2-4 PSG : Highlights video.