G. Bocaly touché aux adducteurs

14 dec 2006 Par 
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Hier, le jeune latéral de l’OM a interrompu la séance d’entraînement suite à une douleur aux adducteurs. Suspendu pour la prochaine journée après à un carton rouge reçu en CFA2 la semaine dernière face à Lyon la Duchère, Garry Bocaly n’a pris aucun risque en restant aux soins jeudi matin, tout comme Alain Cantareil (cuisse), Thomas Deruda, et Hassoun Camara.

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thu 11 feb

Antoine Rabillard in the Stands

The Olympiens' forward, Antoine Rabillard, was not included on the game sheet.
thu 11 feb

Four Olymians in Danger

Four players are in danger of suspension if they get warning against Trélissac.
thu 11 feb

"The players want to believe it"

Journalist for Sud-Ouest, Cedric Soca has been following Trelissac for the past two years. For OM.net he talks about the meeting between Trelissac, CFA club, and OM and comes back to the excitement around this match.
thu 11 feb

Elect the Olympian of the match against Trélissac

Elect the Olympian of the match against Trélissac after the OM victory, 2-0 within the 8th French Cup Finale.
thu 11 feb

Fletcher unblocks his counter

Author of the second Olympian goal, Steven Fletcher has released his counter at the 8th French Cup Final against Trélissac.
fri 12 feb

Trélissac 0-2 OM : Fletcher, Olympian of the match

Unsurprisingly, the OM passer and striker achieves his first title as the Olympian player of the match against Trélissac (Trélissac 0-2 OM, 8th of the French cup finals 2015-16). The Scottish beat Steve Mandanda and Romain Alessandrini.
fri 12 feb

Trélissac 0-2 OM : Highlights

Season 2015-16 - Coupe de France - 1/8e final - Trélissac 0-2 OM : Highlights video.
fri 12 feb

Mendy Put to the Test, Ball at his Feet

Benjamin Mendy trained with the ball this afternoon at the Robert Louis-Dreyfus Center.