News : Olympien du match

thu 14 jan 2016

TFC 2-1 OM: Your Olympien of the Game is . . .

As the player who tied the game during OM's elimination from the quarterfinals of the 2015-16 League Cup in Toulouse, GK Nkoudou is your Olympien of the game. He beat out Lassana Diarra and Yohann Pelé.
mon 11 jan 2016

OM 0-0 EAG: Lassana Diarra, Your Olympien of the Game

Lassana Diarra was voted Olympien of the game for the game against Guingamp. Steve Mandanda and Rolando completed the podium.
thu 17 dec 2015

Bourg-en-Bresse 2-3 OM: Your Olympien players of the match

After each game, asks for your Olympien player off the match. Here are the results after the obtaining the qualification at Bourg-en-Bresse.
mon 07 dec 2015

OM 2-2 Montpellier: your Olympian of the match is...

2560 people voted for the Olympian of the match. Here are the results.
fri 04 dec 2015

Rennes 0-1 OM: your Olympien player of the match is...

The scorer of the victory goal in Rennes, Remy Cabella is your Olympien player of the match, way ahead of Steve Mandanda and Nicolas Nkoulou. Details.
mon 30 nov 2015

OM 3-3 Monaco: And the man of the match is....

After every game, you can vote for your favorite Marseillais of the game on These are the results for OM-Monaco.
fri 27 nov 2015

OM 2-1 Groningen: your Olympien of the game is . . .

Unsurprisingly, GK Nkoudou handily won the election for Olympien of the game with close to 60% of the vote. Michy Batshuayi and Lassana Diarra are also on the podium. Details
mon 23 nov 2015

Saint-Etienne 0-2 OM : your Olympian of the match is ...

After each meeting, offers to elect your Olympian of the match. Against Saint-Etienne, the verdict is clear : you have widely acclaimed Steve Mandanda.
mon 09 nov 2015

OM 0-1 Nice: Steve Mandanda is you Olympien MVP of the game

After every game, lets you vote for the Olympiens' MVP. In the game against Nice, you elected Steve Mandanda.
fri 06 nov 2015

OM 1-0 Braga: Your Olympic match is...

You were nearly 4,500 to vote for the election of the Olympic player of the match against Braga (1-0), during the 3rd day of the draft F of the European League 2015-16. For the second time consecutively, GK came out on top in the voting. Cabella et Nkoulou complete le podium, such as at Nantes, but in reverse order
mon 02 nov 2015

Nantes 0-1 OM: your Olympien MVP is . . .

After every game, lets you pick your Olympien MVP. After the victory over Nantes (0-1), you picked Georges-Kévin Nkoudou.
mon 26 Oct 2015

Lille 1-2 OM : your Olympien of the match is ...

In the case of every game, surveys you to get to know your Olympien of the match. After the victory against Lille, you elected Michy Batshuayi with 36,64% of the votes.
mon 19 Oct 2015

OM 1-1 Lorient: your Olympian of the game is...

After the draw against Lorient (1-1), on the 10th day of the Premier League's 2015-16 season, you have once again elected Lassana Diarra.