Forty years of hurt...

16 nov 2017
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On 1 October 1977, Olympique Marseille beat Bordeaux 2-1 in the tenth day of play of the season. That was Olympique's last victory in the Gironde. Since then, 40 years of hurt...

A curse? Misfortune? The luck of the draw? A dry spell? Or even black magic? Why hasn't Olympique Marseille won at Bordeaux for 40 years? Mystery? Intimidation? Year after year, we've never prevailed. To the point that, each year, we consistently hope that we will finally break the spell.

On October 1977, just over 40 years ago, Robert Buigues (then on loan to Bordeaux from OM) and Gérard Bacconnier, a promising young Marseilles player, faced off against each other on the pitch at the Parc Lescure... and since that 2-1 victory, with goals from Barc Berdoll (in the 58th minute) and Victor Zvunka (in the 70th minute), Bordeaux has remained unbeaten against Marseilles. Alain Giresse had opened the scoring for the team from the Gironde with a penalty in the 53rd minute.


Photo close-up: Robert BUIGUES, © Yannick PARIENTI / Helios Images /