"Marseille, a football city": a unique documentary about a unique city.

24 nov 2017
Vidéo © 
Olympique Marseille and Dugout invite you to join them on Sunday 26 November from 8 p.m. for a truly exceptional documentary.

It is often said that Marseilles lives and breathes football and that the Orange Velodrome city is the city's lungs. Over the course of several weeks, Dugout's team delved into the heart of the city to understand the phenomenon that is its football. From the northern suburbs to the southern districts, everyone in Marseilles plays football. No matter where their family comes from, how old they or the social class to which they belong, all the city's inhabitants come together around Olympique Marseille and football in general.
This passion is expressed differently in different parts of the city. From La Busserine to the Orange Velodrome via Le Panier, this documentary immerses the viewer into Marseilles' football culture with a number of interviewees including Dimitri Payet, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, who is the Chairman of Olympique Marseille, Marseilles players Ibrahim Rachidi and René Malleville as well as former players including Chris Waddle, Joey Barton, Djibril Cissé and William Gallas.

"Marseille, a football city" can be seen free of charge on Dugout from 26 November 2017 at 8 p.m.