Olympique de Marseille opens its official account on Weibo, the leading Chinese social network

thu 08 feb at 12:00
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Olympique de Marseille, under the leadership of its shareholder, Frank McCourt, and its president, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, wish to develop the image of the club and the OM brand internationally.

The club already benefits from recognition abroad thanks to its historical record, its UEFA Champions League title, its legendary players at the club but also for a stadium renowned for its extraordinary atmosphere.

Olympique de Marseille's ambition is to acquire more international fans by offering exclusive OM content on renowned platforms or social networks. With this in mind, OM has chosen to embark on a market experiencing significant growth in football and social networks: China.

From today, Olympique de Marseille is proud to announce the opening of its official account on the Chinese social network WEIBO and joins the biggest European clubs present on this platform such as Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Miguel Bertran, Deputy Marketing Director in charge of International Business Development at Olympique de Marseille:

It is important for Olympique de Marseille, which operates in a highly competitive environment, to consolidate its presence in China in order to offer OM content to Weibo users and to develop the OM brand in a country whose consumption of football is experiencing fast growth. Our goal is to double our international fan base within 2 years, and China will play an important role in this increase.

About WEIBO:

Officially launched on September 25, 2009 by SINA Corporation, WEIBO is the largest Chinese social network with 600 million users including 361 million active per day. This Twitter competitor has features similar to the US social network.

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