Toulouse - OM (1-2) | Player reactions

14 mar 2018
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Maxime Lopez, Morgan Sanson and Steve Mandanda shared their thoughts following OM's 2-1 win over Toulouse FC in the Ligue 1 Conforama.
Maxime Lopez : «Everyone is 100%»

"We had to find the victory in L1. We managed to face a good team from Toulouse who fought well and troubled us in the attack. We are content with the three points. It was winning coaching! Dimitri (Payet) and Kostas (Mitroglou) enter as substitutes and are the decisive factors. That's nice for Mitroglou, a lot of people spit on him and now he's silencing those people.”

"We knew that Lyon and Monaco had won, we could not lose any points. We found the victory in L1 and we will keep our lead over Lyon before hosting them. Physically, we are good, there are players who play a lot of games, maybe there is fatigue ... We were good during the first 20 minutes, against Bilbao, we were good and we dropped a little but we will fix all that. Everyone is focused, everyone is 100%. There is a big game to win on Thursday and there will be another big game on Sunday. The most important thing is to get home, get some rest and get ready for Thursday because it's a big game waiting for us."

Morgan Sanson : «A lot of character»

"We showed that we have a lot of character throughout these last weeks, it will be necessary to lean on it for the coming weeks. We had a little trouble in the second part of the first period and a small lull in the second half but we showed that we had strong character. We managed to win, and that proves that we have a lot of quality."

"This character has been the strength of the group for several weeks. This shows that a lot of players are important. When replacements come in, they are make an impact. It's important for the end of the season."

"After scoring we sat back a bit, it's been our little flaw recently. It was necessary to try to score the second goal to calm everyone down, especially after we had, for 20 minutes, total control of the match. That's what it takes to become a champion.”

Steve Mandanda : «The substitutions were our heroes»

"The substitutions did us a lot of good. This shows that we have quality in our group and that everyone is important. All matches will be difficult. We saw it tonight, we reacted, we played well. It was difficult but we were united. We will have to continue like this until the end because we know that this year will be played out until the end.”

"It was important to win to keep our distance on Lyon and to get closer to Monaco. They will have, too, difficult matches, it's up to us to be in position and we'll see at the end of the season. Everyone has played their part and we have to continue like this because its the only way will we achieve our goals. There is always pressure even if we have a small cushion, but the goal, at home, is to win to widen the gap."