Replay | Rudi Garcia's pre-match press conference ahead of OM - Lille

20 apr 2018
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OM coach Rudi Garcia spoke on Thursday at a press conference to discuss the game against his former club, LOSC.

On the injured players, absences

"I think Bouna Sarr and Rolando should be here on Saturday. I will see with the medical staff this afternoon and tomorrow. Bouba Kamara will still be out.”

On the victory over Troyes

"To win 2-3 after falling behind to the score is positive. But again, we allow too many goals early in the game. You have to stop that. The key is to win all our games, but we must remain vigilant. We are putting pressure on ourselves from the start. Our start against Troyes proves this. But we must focus. You have to be present for 95 minutes or more. "

Is it due to fatigue?

"I do not really believe in this fatigue, whether physical or mental! The team scores a lot of goals and comes back from these situations in the last quarter of an hour. It proves that physically, it's going pretty well, right? Tiredness? I do not believe it! It does not exist."

On LOSC's season

"I am attached to Lille. I won titles. This situation is sad. This club will always stay in my heart. But beyond that, I want to win and take all three points this weekend. Nothing matters to me more than OM now. I will be LOSC’s worst enemy on Saturday during the match. And I will become their No. 1 fan again after the final whistle. "

What do you expect from them?

"We will face a team that lacks confidence. We must keep them in doubt. It will be necessary to return very quickly in the match. We want a new victory to celebrate for our supporters."

The current atmosphere in Marseille

"I hope the craze against Lille will be identical to what we experienced against Leipzig. We have five championship games left. I hope we will also have three Europa League matches to play. This gives eight finals to play and win. We are in the "money time", our goals can be reached. It's fabulous to experience such moments. I'm lucky to have a this group. They have been a big strength this season."

On Luiz Gustavo's versatility

“He gives me a lot of solutions. I can leave him in the midfield or in the backline. At Troyes, he was pretty good on the offensive side too. He could very well end his career as a central defender and play beyond 40 years (laughs)."

On  Morgan Sanson's season

"This season has been very beneficial for Morgan. He had some great times, that's the case right now. He had more complicated periods. But he now has versatility in his bag now that he did not have. He was an excellent striker. He raised his level of play away from goal. He scores a lot more and shows a certain composure. He is becoming a complete player, able to defend well and make the extra effort to recover balls. He has unquestionably taken steps."

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