OM - Lille (5-1) | Player reactions

23 apr 2018
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Maxime Lopez, Florian Thauvin, Dimitri Payet, Yohann Pelé and Bouna Sarr reflected after the 5-1 win over Lille.

Maxime Lopez : «We will all be ready for Thursday»

"Tonight we are very happy, we played a great match. When we play for each other, like the penalty offered by "Dim" (Payet) to "Flo" (Thauvin), we enjoy ourselves. I think everyone was having fun today and the score reflects the game. Today the fear was that some will not play 100% compared to Thursday's match. But not at all, everyone played 100%. We go on with the victories and it's good for the confidence and the group.

The only downside is Hiroki's injury, we are sad for him. I wish him a very good recovery.

We know that the goal difference can come into play at the end of the season, and we recovered 4 goals tonight in regard to that.

When there are games like the one on Thursday, we do not have any fatigue. Personally I have no fatigue, we will recover well. We had a week before the game to recover and we were good tonight. I think we will be all for Thursday, none of us will want to miss this game."

Florian Thauvin : «It's a great gesture from him»

"We made the match simpler very quickly. If we waited too much to score the first goal -  after that it’d get complicated, but tonight we made a good match, even if there are still things to work on, we will continue and we will go forward. I thought he was going to take the PK (Payet), it's a great gesture on his part, it's beautiful and that of of a great player. I thank him for that, it made me very happy, it's gestures like that that pull the team up. Congratulations to him."

Dimitri Payet : «We lose an important element»

"Apart from a weird start to the match, it’s difficult, where we have lost too many balls and where we left them a little confident and they had opportunities, we were then able to put our foot on the ball and pull our game up. From the first goal we knew we could continue to score more. This is the only regret of our afternoon, we lose an important element (Sakai), while we know that we still have a lot and we will need everyone. It's sad for him, I hope he can come back soon enough and he can take part in the World Cup."

Yohann Pelé : «We have an exciting end to the season»

"We are securing good results, it is always good to win before the European Cup. It allows us to gain confidence, even if we already had a lot. With this score at half-time we managed a bit more. It is true that we had a small hole early in the second period and we allowed a goal. After we picked our heads up, we put the 5th goal in and extinguished the few hopes they had.

I would have liked to finish this match without allowing a goal. We had a little looseness that made us concede one, but we were not too worried by this Lille team.

We must not relax, we already have, so we now face an exciting end to the season. We want to win everything. The group is aware of all that, everyone makes the effort and recovers well after the matches because we still chained a lot."

Bouna Sarr : «We must recreate this game»

"We have an exciting end to the season ahead, I really want to come back as soon as possible. Fortunately tonight I did not do a bad job, I’m hoping that will be the case in the upcoming matches.

This is the best way for us to prepare for Thursday's match (Salzburg). A very important game, especially as the first leg is at home in front of our audience. We'll have to recreate this type of match, it is very important to win.”