Jacques-Henri Eyraud : «We have every reason to be proud»

21 may 2018
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Olympique de Marseille president Jacques-Henri Eyraud delivered his post-match and post-season assessment of Les Olympiens’ campaign after the season finale against Amiens.

“We are a little bit disappointed, but we did not have our destiny in our hands and we knew it. I will remember this as a great season, a season that was full of promise. Our players have given everything to give our fans a pride of belonging - which is so important. For me it's been really satisfying and that's what I will remember about this season.

"I think that's very small, you've seen it. I do not think tonight was where we could have made up the difference, there were some points along the way that we wasted. We must fight from the first to the 38th matchday, we know that we will come back stronger next season.

"What has happened in recent months was incredible. We showed a really surprising strength, even if we know the ability of the Marseille supporters to ignite and motivate us, in both good and bad. It was grew well beyond Marseille, a real movement is began around this team. It is an immense feeling of satisfaction to see all football fans supporting Olympique de Marseille.

"OM planned to do better than last season and the team did better. French football is becoming more demanding, raising its level of play. We will have to be part of this growth. I think we started the project really well with this season now behind us.

"I think Olympique Marseille belongs in the top three, if not fighting for the title and that's why we're here. Obviously, we should not achieve or exceed our goals in just the first season. We have taken the huge steps on our project, we have every reason to be satisfied, to be proud, even if we know what our weaknesses are. We know what we need to work on inside and outside the team. A club is a business too. We must continue to grow our business, go further, be more demanding, more ambitious, in all areas. With this ambition, I hope, the trophies will follow.