OM - Toulouse (4-0) I Postmatch Player Reactions

12 Aug 2018
Vidéo © 2016
2018-19 Season - Ligue 1 Conforama - MAtchday 1- OM 4-0 Toulouse: Hear from Les Olympiens following the season-opening victory over Toulouse FC at the Orange Velodrome on 10 August, 2018.

Bouna Sarr: «Everyone has a role».

"It was a perfect start tonight. It was a very beautiful evening tonight. Everyone has their role in the team. On the whole, the substitutions brought something more to the match -  especially Flo (Thauvin) when he scored. We will need everyone to have a great season, as good as last season, so it's important."

Valère Germain: «A logical decision».

"It has been a long time coming for video assistance, and the first goal was the first time it was used in the championship. I have not seen the pictures but I think there was a penalty, it's a logical decision. It made us feel good to return to the dressing room with the goal. In the second half, we were better offensively and we had success, we took our opportunities, we could have scored more.

"Luiz (Gustavo) on arrival tells me there was a handball. I did not know, because I wanted to use my head to try to score. So the central referee talks a little bit with the fourth referee, who tells him to come and see the screen."

Dimitri Payet: «Anyone is capable of scoring».

"I think the most important thing was not to allow a goal tonight. In preseason, we gave up a lot. We really wanted to defend well, to be in a shape to achieve the cleen sheet. We saw last year that goals can be scored with this team. There were players missing today, but we know we have a group where everyone can score. Tonight it was good to put four in the back of the net, becasue goal difference is important, as we saw last season.

"I went into Ligue 1 history (laughs). That is the bonus point to this video review, but it's great that the referee has time make the right call on tonight's penalty.

"I think it's a beautiful thing, as we saw at the World Cup, it can fix situations and that was the case tonight."

Morgan Sanson: «For the first game, I aM HAPPY».

"It's good knowing that we did not really have confidence after our friendly games. We proved that when it counted we knew how to answer."

"I'm happy to develop at this position. I know what I need to do to improve my performance and be better. To have some impact and win balls. I got it back tonight and tried to use it. For a first game I'm happy. "

Boubacar Kamara: «I have some takeaways from the game».

"I'll see the game at home again to see what I've done right and wrong. After Bournemouth, I questioned myself a lot. I did a lot of video sessions and today it worked."

"At my age, I take everything there is to take, every game, every training session is good for me to be able to improve myself more and grow up."