Frank McCourt | "I'm so thankful for everyone"

thu 25 apr at 16:45
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At the conclusion of the OM Foundation Gala, majority shareholder Frank McCourt applauded the success of the second annual OM Foundation Gala.

Frank McCourt 

"It was a great night with an incredible atmosphere in the room. There was a beautiful energy. And you know, it shows that when people come together for something important, and something they are proud of, great things can happen, and I'm happy to be here, and that warms my heart. I thank everyone for their generosity.

"You know life is not just about numbers as we know, but, in fact, it's very good that we are making progress. And my hope is that the foundation and its activities can continue to grow in the coming years. I spoke about the history of the "Jimmy Fund" and its progress over the past 70 years. So, we can dream of where we will be in 70 years and the work we can do for the community. I think that shows our goal of being more than just a football club."